16 May 2013

Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System, so easy I had my kid do it!

Today is day 1 of planting in our garden for 2013.  I did the weeding last week so that was taken care of previously.  I went to the garden center on monday and got the following:
1 mini tomato plant
1 orange wellington tomato plant
6 jalapeno pepper plants 
6 green bell pepper plants
6 broccoli plants
2 zucchini plants
1 watermelon plant
1 giant pumpkin plant
1 alladin pumpkin plant
1 pattypan squash plant

I was given a sample of Pennington Smart Feed Sprayer System from www.BzzAgent.com and I tried it out today.  So here we go, day 1 of gardening.  
My baby started to cry as soon as I got the feeder on the hose so I handed it to my 4 year old son.  He figured out how to press the trigger and get it spraying.  Then he noticed a little switch on top and flipped it.  He was able to water the plants without the sprayer turning off because of that switch (lock).  He loved looking into the chamber on the feeder and seeing the blue contents swirl around with the water.  
Sadly, his fun came to an end when I checked on him a few minutes later and saw that all the product was gone.  He fed the garden in under 10 minutes... imagine that!
Looking forward to seeing the results soon.

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  1. LOL!!!!!! so would you recommend it then?