28 February 2011

Country Breakfast Skillet

Another Sunday, Another Breakfast....
So since I am back on this blogging kick, I decided I should try new things. I had a Gooseberry Patch Breakfast and Brunch cookbook that I got for Christmas. I tried the first recipe in the book, which was a "Country Breakfast Skillet". Honestly, it wasn't the best looking meal, but it tasted quite yummy. I did improvise a little bit, but I think it turned out GREAT!!

5 C. frozen, shredded, hashbrowns (thawed) - used tater tots
salt, pepper, garlic salt to taste - I used Morton Seasoning Salt
6-8 eggs (I used 6 whole eggs + 2 egg whites)
1/3 cup milk (1 Tbsp Morning Moo's + 1/3 cup water)
1/2 tomatoes, Chopped (1/2 c salsa)
4-6 green onions thinly sliced (i used the salsa)
1/4 lb thinly sliced deli ham, diced
1 1/2 c shredded cheddar cheese (I used 3/4 cup)

Cook hashbrowns in a skillet according to package directions. Season with salt, pepper, and garlic salt. Set aside.
Beat eggs with with milk. Stir in tomatoes and onions (or salsa). Add ham. Stir egg mixture into hashbrowns over medium heat. Stir quickly to scramble. As eggs begin to set, add cheese. Continue to stir until eggs are cooked and set.

Like I said, these are not the most pleasing to the eye, but they are loaded with protein and fill you up quickly. The recipe feeds 4-6 people and it freezes and thaws well if you have leftovers.

Good luck and happy cooking!

23 February 2011

Taco Schmacko Soup

Tonight it was a little cool outside and so I decided that it sounded like a good soup night. I have been having this kind of soup like once every 1-2 weeks because it tastes so yummy and uses up beans that I have in my food storage.
This is also a fairly healthy option for those watching their waistlines as it is high in protein and fiber!:)


1 lb extra lean ground beef (browned and rinsed)
1 onion, chopped
2 cans of beans
1 can of corn
2 small cans diced tomatoes (I puree one can)
1 pkg taco seasoning
garlic powder to taste
1/2 cup water
fat free sour cream
shredded cheddar cheese
tortilla chips

add to a crock pot and cook on high for about 2 hours. Serve with a dollop of sour cream (I use fat free) and just a little grated cheese.
To make it more fun, you can use tortilla chips to dip and scoop soup out too


10 corn tortillas cut into quarters
oil for frying
seasoning salt

heat oil to about 350 degrees and place tortilla quarters in the oil. Fry on one side until tortilla becomes stiff (abt. 2 min) and flip until browned. Place chips on paper towels to drain oil and sprinkle with seasoning salt. Enjoy!

I did a recipe breakdown for the nutrition info in the soup and this is what it says:

1 cup serving of taco schmacko soup
fat = 8.1 g
calories = 286
Cholesterol = 42 mg
Sodium = 876.3 mg
Carbs = 31.6 g
Fiber = 4.9 g
Protein = 24 g

22 February 2011

Shopping at Target this week

So this week I decided to get a good plan together before I went to Target. I got a lot of coupons printed out and wrote out a list. I still had more that I wanted to go through, but I didn't have the time as my husband kept trying to push me out the door so that we could go to the gym. I only had 18 things on my list when I left, but those 18 items only cost $3.30 before taxes. So here is a breakdown of what I got and how I saved.

**Keep in mind that when printing coupons from the Target website and almost any other site, there is a limit of 2 per computer**

Up&Up all purpose cleaner with bleach = $1.37
minus $1/1 up&up cleaning product coupon found here
total = $0.37 (I bought 2)

Mossimo Women's Boot Cut Jeans = $4.98 (marked down 75% from $19.99)
minus $5/1 off women's denim coupon found here
Total = $0 (I bought 2)

Dentyne Pure 3 pk gum = $1.79
Minus the $0.75/1 Target store coupon found here
stack with the $1/1 coupon found in the 2/13 SS
Total = $0.04!! (and that’s for 3 packs!) - of course...I bought 2!

Finish Jet Dry PowerBall Tabs OR Gel Pacs 20 ct = 2/$5
Minus $1.50/1 Finish Target store coupon found here
Plus, use the $2.25/1 coupon found in the 1/2 SS (Exp. 2/21!!)
(or use the $1/1 coupon found here )
Total = $0 after coupon stack! - I bought 2

Garnier Nutritioniste Oil Free Face Cleansing Wipes= $2.74
Minus $2/1 Garnier Skin Care Item Target store coupon found here
Plus, use the $2/1 coupon found in the 12/5 RP
Total = $0.74! - I bought 2

UP & UP Floss = $0.89
Use the $1/1 UP & UP Oral Care Target store coupon found here
Total = $0 (and yes...I got 2)

Halls 30 ct Bags = $1.39
Use the $0.50/1 Target coupon found here
Plus, stack with the new $0.50/1 Halls SmartSource coupon found here
Total = $0.39! (another 2)

Up & Up Cotton Balls (100 Ct.) = $1.29
Use the $0.50/1 Up & Up Cotton Product coupon found here
Total = $0.79! (another 2)

Up & Up Ibuprofen Tablets (24 ct.), = $0.99
Use the $1/1 Up & Up Pain Relief Target coupon found here
Total = $0 (and of course..2)

All that for a nice low price of $3.30!!!!

There were a lot more target deals that I found through various websites, but this is what I went to the store for!
For more, check out
Totally Target
Hip 2 Save

21 February 2011

Breakfast for Dinner!

So when I first got married, my husband decided that Sunday nights we should have a dinner tradition. We both concluded that Breakfast for dinner was the best idea and we have been sticking to it ever since. We usually have german pancakes or regular pancakes, but last night I decided to to make some french toast. I had forgotten how good it was!!! I wanted to share the recipe in case anybody out in blog world wanted to try something new!

Fabulous French Toast

8 1 inch thick cut slices of french bread (or just whatever kind of bread you have)
4 eggs
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup milk
1/4 cup honey (heated until runny)
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla
1 tsp orange zest

Mix the ingredients in a pie plate. Heat skillet on medium/high and butter the pan. Dip the slices of french bread into the egg mixture on both sides and place on heated skillet. Cook until both sides are browned and serve with syrup, applesauce, fruit or whatever you like on your food!

Another common breakfast for dinner that we have at our house is soooo simple that when I am running late and my husband wants to surprise me, this is what he makes.

German Pancakes

1 Cup milk
6 eggs
1/2 cup whole wheat flour
1/2 cup all-purpose flour
1 tsp salt
6 tbsp butter or margarine

heat oven to 425. Place butter in bottom on 9x13 pan and place in HOT oven for 5 minutes to melt butter.
Whisk all ingredients (except butter) and pour on the melted butter. Cook for 20 minutes. The german pancakes will rise in hills and valleys and be nice and golden brown.
Serve with whatever toppings sound good to you! (I like applesauce and whipped topping)

18 February 2011

Tasty homemade pizza!

I thought I would throw a fairly quick dinner recipe your way in hopes that somebody will try it and like it! ITs fun for the kids to help with and super fast!

Fast and EASY pizza~

1 can Pilsbury Grands Biscuits ( I got mine for 80 cents a can at the local ASSOCIATED FOOD STORE)
1 can Tomato Sauce
Italian seasonings
1 cup Monterrey Jack CHeese
16 pepperonis

put biscuits on an ungreased cookie sheet. Poke the dough with a fork several times. Spoon 1/2 tbsp (or however much you like) of sauce-mixed with seasonings- on biscuit. Sprinkle with cheese and place 2 pepperonis on top. Bake at 350 for 13-15 minutes.

My little guy loves making his own pizzas and hes more likely to eat stuff that he helps to make!

My shopping deals this week

Well at least I am doing this 2 weeks in a row. Maybe things will get better.
So tonight I learned something about shopping on holiday weekends at an outlet center.... the best time to hit the stores is on a Friday afternoon or opening time on Saturday mornings.
Well I only went to a few stores tonight. I had to make a return to Baby Gap, but I strolled into a few other places. I got a really cute pink puffy 18-24 month sized jacket for my little girl last week on clearance and it was about $8 when I got it. I noticed the advertisements online saying that EVERYTHING in the store was 40% off and that got me thinking..... I took the jacket in to see if it had been marked down even more, the same jackets were $2 cheaper, but all they had were boys colors and sizes. I went up to the registers and told them that I bought the jacket less than a week ago and what do you know... they gave me 40% off of it just by having my receipt! Totally made my night....
Then I went to The Children's Place store and checked out clearance over there....They had kids 1 piece sleepers marked down to $1.99!!!!! In their 99 cent bins they had tons of warm winter hats and gloves, so I got some of those too.
I went to a store called Downeast Basics and saw that everything was 50% off lowest ticket price. They had women's short sleeved shirts marked down to $5 thus making the final price $2.50 EACH!!!! To top that off, I purchased one of those Entertainment books a while back and inside was a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase.....Lets just say I saved a good amount of money and I like to brag about it.

Earlier in the week I managed to score a Fisher Price Color Laptop for kids priced around $6-$7 SHIPPED!!! I found out about this website called bonton.com so now I have an gift for my 2 year old when I need one!

More deals came when I checked out the Kids section at my local Target. I went out on Monday and saw baby girls snow suits marked down to $8 and I almost bought them right then and there, but when I moseyed on to the checkout lane, I decided I could live without it. The next day they were down to$6 and I decided to jump on it before they ran out of the size that I wanted. They also had a 2 piece thermal pajama set for little boys sized 4/5 (perfect for my little guy to wear next winter) down to $2 and baby girls jeans at $2 as well.

I seem to be getting more addicted to good deals and I will share what I find as I find more.
Until next time,

09 February 2011

A little Spacey!

Sorry followers...I have been balancing my babies and my life and that has kept me from writing and helping other people, but I am back from my 7 month hiatus! I am gong to just keep posting as I think about it. I got overwhelmed trying to post every little deal that I found and just burnt myself out on it after only a week. Now I am going to try and step it up again and just post everyday ways that we can all learn to be more economical. I will include recipes and sanity saving ideas as they come to me and just try to help out people whenever I can!