29 June 2010

Magic Mix Recipe

I was looking around my favorite webpages and came upon this recipe that can be used for so many different things. Useful recipes can be found at


The secret behind making MAGIC MIX: (Makes 5 Cups of Magic Mix)

Step 1:
You will need some sort of good mixer. Make sure you use beaters when making the mix as shown above. If you don’t have a good mixer, start calling around…get together with a friend and make some…it is SOOOO worth it!

Step 2:
Ingredients:2 1/3 C. Powdered Milk
1 C. All Purpose Flour (Yes, use All Purpose)
1 C. (2 sticks) Margarine (***HAS TO BE REAL MARGARINE, NOT SPREAD***) or Butter, at room temperature
Combine dry milk, flour and margarine/butter into a large bowl.

Step 3:
Mix until it looks like corn meal. (You may want to start off slow and work up to the fastest setting so that it doesn’t blow powder all over)

Step 4:
Keep mix tightly covered in the refrigerator. (note: keep your #10 cans for just such a purpose! They are 50 cents and work great for storing home made mixes)

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