18 February 2011

My shopping deals this week

Well at least I am doing this 2 weeks in a row. Maybe things will get better.
So tonight I learned something about shopping on holiday weekends at an outlet center.... the best time to hit the stores is on a Friday afternoon or opening time on Saturday mornings.
Well I only went to a few stores tonight. I had to make a return to Baby Gap, but I strolled into a few other places. I got a really cute pink puffy 18-24 month sized jacket for my little girl last week on clearance and it was about $8 when I got it. I noticed the advertisements online saying that EVERYTHING in the store was 40% off and that got me thinking..... I took the jacket in to see if it had been marked down even more, the same jackets were $2 cheaper, but all they had were boys colors and sizes. I went up to the registers and told them that I bought the jacket less than a week ago and what do you know... they gave me 40% off of it just by having my receipt! Totally made my night....
Then I went to The Children's Place store and checked out clearance over there....They had kids 1 piece sleepers marked down to $1.99!!!!! In their 99 cent bins they had tons of warm winter hats and gloves, so I got some of those too.
I went to a store called Downeast Basics and saw that everything was 50% off lowest ticket price. They had women's short sleeved shirts marked down to $5 thus making the final price $2.50 EACH!!!! To top that off, I purchased one of those Entertainment books a while back and inside was a coupon for 10% off my entire purchase.....Lets just say I saved a good amount of money and I like to brag about it.

Earlier in the week I managed to score a Fisher Price Color Laptop for kids priced around $6-$7 SHIPPED!!! I found out about this website called bonton.com so now I have an gift for my 2 year old when I need one!

More deals came when I checked out the Kids section at my local Target. I went out on Monday and saw baby girls snow suits marked down to $8 and I almost bought them right then and there, but when I moseyed on to the checkout lane, I decided I could live without it. The next day they were down to$6 and I decided to jump on it before they ran out of the size that I wanted. They also had a 2 piece thermal pajama set for little boys sized 4/5 (perfect for my little guy to wear next winter) down to $2 and baby girls jeans at $2 as well.

I seem to be getting more addicted to good deals and I will share what I find as I find more.
Until next time,

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