12 June 2009

A dish in no time

This afternoon, my husband and I were running a little late. He needed dinner ready to take the work and like most people, we are tightening the belt and trying to save money. We neede something in 20 minutes.
I had some thawed chicken the fridge, so I pulled it out and cut it into strips. I went to grab the seasoning salt, and there was a little empty bottle. I looked at the ingredients on the top and thought...salt, paprika, celery salt, garlic salt, pepper...easy peasy.
So I laid the chicken out on a plate and just lightly sprinkled all of those ingredients on the chicken, threw it in a pan with a tbsp of olive oil and just cooked it up. Because the chicken was already thawed, it took 10 minutes to have a tasty dish ready to serve over rice.
Let me just tell you that the seasonings were great. I just eyeballed the ingredients and sure enough, I think it tasted better than buying regular seasoned salt.
SOOOOOO... if you want to have dinner ready in no time, just try this quick and healthy dish.

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