22 March 2011

Making Bread FYI

As we are all aware, food prices are on the rise. We hear of crop failures and weather problems, and increased prices for food distribution because of the increase in fuel prices. If grocery stores were suddenly empty, would you have enough food in your home to feed your family nutritious and good-tasting meals?
We have probably all heard the quote by Brigham Young when he said "The time will come that gold will hold no comparison in value to a bushel of wheat."
If you are thinking that you have plenty of wheat stored, consider this: For one loaf of bread per day for a year, you will need:
275 lbs of wheat
4 gallons of oil
46 lbs of sugar or honey
8 lbs of yeast
and 8 lbs of salt.
It is estimated that most families would need at least 2 loaves of bread per day if they were living on survival foods. I would prefer to have some nice homemade bread instead of just boiled wheat. Then some homemade jam and peanut butter would be great also. Think about what your family would need for an appetizing and nutritious diet in an emergency.

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