04 March 2011

Fun little Door Hangers

The truth is that I have never been really crafty and my house isn't very decorated because of that. I figured that I needed to start somewhere, so...

I decided to start small and simple and make little door hangers for my kids doors with tissue paper, mod podge, adhesive and craft paper. I had a few flat canvas' lying around and spent about 30 min on the 2 hangers.

For the polka dot one:
1. paint a layer of mod podge on the canvas.
2. lay the tissue paper (mine was white with the polka dots already on it) on top of the wet mod podge.
3. paint another layer of mod podge on top
4. I used my cricut to do the letters on craft paper and placed them on the wet mod podge.
5. Paint one more thin layer over the top and let dry.

For the jungle:
1. paint a layer of mod podge on canvas.
2. lay the tissue paper (this time it was green leaf printed) on wet mod podge.
3. get a strip of green craft paper and cut thin slits all the way across the top.
4. crinkle strips slightly and clue along the bottom (where the slits have stopped) and place at the bottom of the canvas.
5. Cut a large orange circle and then make slits towards the center for the lion's mane. Crinkle!
6. Cut a smaller yellow circle and glue it to the center of the orange. Draw a cute little face on it.
7. Glue on to the tissue.
8. You can use a cricut to do the letters on this one, but I ran out of brown paper and just used a sharpie pen to write on it.

This is such a simple idea and I just used adhesive squares to press on the door. My little guy love his and every time he goes to his room he smiles and yells "Will's Jungle!" This can be done with any theme, but I asked my little guy what he wanted, and he told me animals.


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  2. I removed the last post because it was not correctly worded. I just didn't want to appear illiterate ;p. Anyway, Cute Idea, Aly!!! Now you can do all kinds of fun things for the kids and for your house.